Deep and crisp and even

Well, not quite, not yet anyway. It is time to think about wrapping up warm though now the weather has taken a turn for the ‘fresh’. I was recently sent some rather cool gadgets to test, very much in line with the current weather, but have had to prise them out (or literally off) the hands and head of Edward and Hector to test them properly myself. The good thing about being sent running shoes or clothing is that it fits me and not the men in my life, so I get to keep it all to myself, but this time I have had to accept that I won’t get to use these gadgets again. First up is a pair of touch screen gloves which enable you to use your iPhone or similar device on the move on even the coldest of days. These were instantly swiped by Edward, who wore them straight away on a Hilly Fields Parkrun and on his cycle commute ever since.

The gloves in action

The gloves in action

He has informed me that they are very warm and are really great to use with the iPhone, it’s obvious how much he likes them, because he has always been very loyal to his Nike gloves for his winter cycling, and I’ve not seen these in use for some weeks now. The only complaint I would have about the gloves is that they are a little bit big for me, but this is not unusual because I have tiny hands and even the smallest sizes have floppy ends on me (not great when trying to send a text message without weird auto-corrects and unintentionally rude comments!). At just £3.99 though, you can’t go wrong, a perfect stocking filler for the i-lover in your life.

Next up is a rather nifty winter hat with built-in headphones.

'I love this one!'

‘I love this one!’

As you can see, I am never going to get a look in there! Even though the hat is way too big for him, Hector loves it and was kept very quiet on a train journey recently (though he did do that  really loud: ‘I love this one!’, not realising that everyone could hear him and The Cure singing ‘Love Cats’ across the carriage). I also find the hat slightly big, but you can easily jiggle the headphone bits around so they sit nicely over your ears and there is none of that sweaty in-ear headphones moments where you have to stop and give them a wipe (sorry!). The clever thing is that you can slip the headphones out when you want to wash the hat and just pop them back in when you’re ready to run again. So, if you are stuck for what to buy a running or outdoorsy friend for Christmas, this could be your answer.


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