Posted by: fitartist | January 7, 2013

Catching up

It’s been a hectic week: a birthday, a New Year, a visit to Wales, a visit to Manchester, a PB and back-to-school. Phew. I have got good and muddy in that time, squeezing in the runs between family gatherings and drinking such delights as damson gin (the night before the PB, might I add!). I was updating my blog via Edward’s iPhone and was getting frustrated, so the thought of trying to add photos would have finished me off completely. Here are some catch-up snaps from the away days up north…

Enjoying the Welsh waves

Enjoying the Welsh waves

Welsh sticks are as good as English it seems

Welsh sticks are as good as English it seems

South Manchester Parkrun is wet!

South Manchester Parkrun is wet!

Today was the start of the school run runs for 2013. This time last year Hector was just starting school, a difficult time for all of us and an emotional few months while he settled in. Today I dropped him off in my running gear, he barely looked back and off I went for a brisk run along the river. I also reintroduced myself to the gym after a Christmas/NY break and felt good after a hard workout. Hello 2013, you’re looking big and strong!



  1. WOW that is REALLY wet!

    • And I hadn’t even thought of taking my wet/muddy-running shoes. It has taken a few days for my shoes to dry out!

  2. Damson Gin before a big race it is then!

    • It’s good stuff, PB fuel 🙂

  3. Lovely photos! Pleased to hear that H is glad to be back at school, especially after such an action-packed holiday!

    • Yes, it took a bit of cajoling on Monday morning, but we got there in the end. How different from this time last year!

  4. Cool photos. Love the hills in the background.

    • Cathy, I used to be able to see those hills from my bedroom window! They are quite dramatic.

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