My first club run of the year. I was consistent. Consistently last. Oh dear. Whenever our coach tells us what we’re doing, I have to ask again, and again because it just doesn’t sink in, so I was slightly disheartened when I realised I had misheard ‘one lap’ as ‘one hundred metres’. So it was a mile warm-up, a mile around the track with a recovery, then two laps, recovery, then six times one lap with recoveries, oh and a warm-down around the park. It was tough, it was tiring and it was hard work always being last. I kept going though, even though I wanted to duck out at around the first recovery stage.

My morning effort involved a fast steppy thing on the steppy thing at the gym and some weights.

I had a quick look at my stats and I seem to have run 17.47 miles in January so far, not bad. I promise to be more Janathon-jolly tomorrow, really.


2 thoughts on “Consistent

    • fitartist says:

      Thanks Cassie, but I know my place at the running club and that’s generally bringing up the rear. It’s a test of grit to get through it and come out of the other side smiling.

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