Posted by: fitartist | January 12, 2013

Not bothery

I’ve been feeling a bit not bothery. Not not bothery about running or gymming or cycling, but not bothery about blogging. I apologise for the dullness of my Janathon blog posts so far and can’t promise they will get any more interesting (oh man, shall I just stop now?!). I did gym it yesterday but didn’t run it (achy in that Janathon kind of way), and today’s effort involved taking photographs at our Hilly Fields Parkrun – can I count running vicariously as a Janathon effort? But, as I fear this counts for nothing (even though I got up a brisk jog going between points and putting out cones at the start), I also cycled along the Waterlink Way with the boys, but then this involved a stop at ‘Big Sainsburys’ and a scone in the cafe before we set off back towards home.

Congratulations to Jogblog for getting to the Whitstable Parkrun this morning – her first – and to Travelling Hopefully for getting to the Preston Parkrun. There’ll be no looking back, I tell ya!



  1. Oooo I like that word ‘bothery’. I shall totally be stealing it :o)

  2. We all run into that wall of ‘not posting’ here and there. Hope your run/gym/etc. goes well and that your bothery goes aways πŸ˜‰

    • Just about to blog, I think I may have shooed the botheriness away for now.

  3. All the best cycling involves a scone.

    • Preferably with jam and cream…top fuel.

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