There’s something about Parkrun

This weekend and last the various Parkruns around the country (and world) saw record numbers of people turning out in hi-viz gear and shiny lycra, bouncing around on the spot listening to instructions about course challenges such as mud, hills, water and dogs and promising themselves a coffee with fellow runners afterwards, before setting off on a free, timed 5k run. Every week more and more runners decide to print off their barcode and join in, some returning week after week, some managing a run every few weeks, some committing to try out as many different Parkruns as possible, but it’s about so much more than this slice of Saturday morning. Since I got involved with Hilly Fields Parkrun back in the summer, I have found a new kind of commitment to my running, I have run a 5k PB, I have joined a running club and I have made new friends: now when I run locally (or even just when I pop to the corner shop), I call out a few friendly ‘Hellos’ to fellow Parkrunners and often stop to have a chat.

Last night I met up with my fellow Run and Event Directors, Sally and Stephen and we chatted about how things have been going, and how we could improve our organisation of the event and so on. It was good to take a look back over the past few months and spend a bit more time talking about what we get out of it. But mostly we had that opportunity that all runners love: to talk in a slightly geeky way about times, distances, gear and mud. I came away enthused and looking up a future half-marathon. Last year I didn’t enter or run any races, this wasn’t necessarily a conscious decision, it just kind of happened, and I was pleased to find that I can run for the sheer enjoyment of it and don’t need a race-goal to get me out. I do feel ready to race again now though, and I think a half-marathon in a couple of months might be just the ticket. A weekend in Hastings anyone?!

I ought to catch up with the Janathon activity for the past few days. On Sunday we all went up to the recently renovated Forest Hill Pools, the boys swam/splashed/jumped in and I went to the gym. Oh how I love a shiny new gym. I ran for 25 minutes on the treadmill (not sure where that came from, I can normally only manage about 15 before dying of boredom) and then took my pick of all the lovely new equipment. The only trouble with using a gym you’re not so familiar with is the possibility of doing everything. I have slightly sore arms and shoulders today…Yesterday I ran. It was short and cold: for the first time in a long time I was defeated by the weather, I just couldn’t get warm! Whilst at the gym on Sunday I had picked up a class timetable and had every intention of going to a yoga class yesterday morning. This didn’t happen. Every year during Janathon and Juneathon I say ‘I am going to try something new!’ and I do think yoga would do me good, but I am yet to stick to that promise. We’ll see…


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