Posted by: fitartist | February 27, 2013

Sweating Tears

I feel better now. Last night Edward persuaded me to go to the running club. I haven’t been for a while: tiredness, coldness, can’t-be-arsedness, but he said I would feel better afterwards… I got there and huddled in the doorway, not wanting to be outside in thin Lycra. I joined the pack, warming up around the track for a mile, I listened to other people’s conversations, I took in all the amazing athletes darting around me in all directions, I kept my head down. We tackled the session, my ankle hurt, my knee hurt, my head hurt. I cried. I sidled off the track, cried some more and wandered home, defeated. A DNF.

This morning was a new day. I put on my brightest running top and dropped H off at school. I ran hard up to Hilly Fields, familiar and friendly ground. I ran up, down and around and felt more like myself again. Maybe the running club isn’t the right thing for me right now.

This little video mentions sweating tears and the beach scene certainly lifts my spirits, when will the sun come out?! These new Mizuno Wave Rider shoes are being marketed as ‘Smoother, lighter, faster’. If they can make the wearer feel thus, then they have to be good 🙂



  1. Sometimes a DNF is the sensible choice – sounds like this was one of those times.

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