Juneathon Day 1: Encouraging Others

Hello Juneathon, hello sunshine! I hope the latter is here to stay. After a half-term camping trip spent mostly crawling around in the tent avoiding the rain and attempting to save our bedding from the water dripping through our leaky tent, my knee hurts. I’ve had this knee thing for ages now, I think brought on by spending a lot of time crawling around playing with Lego, though the doctor called it ‘runner’s knee’, not ‘Lego knee’. I will, therefore, proceed with uncharacteristic Juneathon caution, and try and stop myself being silly about it.

Day 1 was spent enabling other runners to get in a brisk 5k before the weekend kicked in good and proper, up at Hilly Fields Parkrun. Being Run Director, I donned a hi-vis vest, delegated roles and jogged up and down a hill, positioning cones as I went. I always feel an immense buzz after Parkrun, it just feels so good to see so many happy faces as they cross the finish line and feel a real sense of achievement. This achievement might be a PB, being ‘first lady’, running up the hills without stopping or getting round the course without feeling tempted to duck out and spend the morning in the cafe (that comes later). One of our runners was excitedly telling everyone about an incredible achievement. Helen has been using Parkrun as part of a very committed weight-loss challenge, and has now reached her goal of losing seven stone, yes seven! Well done Helen!

So, no run on Day 1, but running featured highly 🙂


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 1: Encouraging Others

  1. Highway Kind says:

    Doing something for the running community might be the most virtuous of all Juneathon efforts.

    I hope your Lego knee holds out – but you are right to be cautious.

    As ever: good luck

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