Days 2 and 3 of Juneathon

A bit of swimming, a lot of splashing, some veg-patch action and a lot of sandpit fun.

Yesterday we had some ‘noodle time’ as described by Travelling Hopefully over here. Hector fancied a different pool, so we headed Greenwich way and splashed our hearts out underneath the arches…at ‘The Arches’. I found myself mostly stuck in a pool-side jacuzzi, I really couldn’t move. The bubbles were massaging my achy back good and proper and it seemed just silly to abandon such deliciousness. I was swayed though by a really excellent game using large floats, which involved being human water-based bumping cars and trying to knock each other over. I couldn’t get enough of it. I then did some under water swimming before we all realised we were very hungry and had possibly reached danger point, where you absolutely need to get out of the pool, navigate to a spot amongst the hair-belonging-to-strangers on the communal shower floor, and get to somewhere selling food VERY FAST. We just made it.

My post-swim activity was weeding and de-pooing the veg patches. I swore a lot and wondered how much a large water pistol might cost when I actually touched cat poo with my bare hands. Yuck. Our garden does now look far more alive after a very late planting, maybe we will eat some of those beans this year if I manage to fend off the slugs and snails.

Today was an ‘inset day’, I’m not entirely sure what happens on an inset day, but Hector’s school have stuck one on each end of the half-term holiday and this one was, thankfully, sunny. We walked a long way in the heat, carrying the load we picked up at the garden centre, we strolled up to Hilly Fields to enjoy a picnic and sand play, and we spent the rest of the day planting our garden centre buys.

Not running, but all good, wholesome activity.


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