Stitch, unpick, stitch, unpick…

Thursday is tailoring day. Until a few months ago, my sewing consisted of straight lines: a few pairs of curtains, a Roman blind and miles of bunting mind, but all straight lines. I decided my sewing machine – and my brain – needed a challenge and got myself onto a weekly tailoring class at the local adult education centre. It’s amazing. My tutor is amazing and the other tailors are amazing. Today I worked solidly on The Coat. Yes, I know the sun is now out and seems to be hanging around, but I must finish my heavy woollen winter coat. I had moments of clarity, but mostly I got muddled up and had to do a lot of unpicking – I joke that I am not warmed up until I unpick something. So today’s effort was all in the mind (and the fingers), I think I can also count the long walk there and back, carrying a heavy sewing bag.


3 thoughts on “Stitch, unpick, stitch, unpick…

    • fitartist says:

      Will do. I’m not entirely sure it suits me, but I think that is more to so with the fact that it is uncharacteristically colourful for me! It should be finished this week…

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