I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting the blogging bit of Juneathon, so I am going to quickly move on and try and distract you…

I’m a bit giddy, having just enjoyed this delightful little film on the Guardian Running Blog.

Click here

It makes me want to run up and down a hill right now, he makes it all sound so easy and so inviting (especially that bit about a free beer at the end of a race). It does look a little like an advert for Inov8 though… The closest I get to fell running around here is Hilly Fields. We do have lots of good, challenging hills in South East London, but there is something magical about that hill they run up in the film.

So, back to my Juneathon. On Friday I went and did a trial session at the shiny new leisure centre, and there I was, with just one other person in the lovely big gym, with all that brand new equipment. It could be very tempting to have a go at everything and overdo it, so I reigned myself in a bit and stuck to what I normally use, with a few added extras just because. Saturday morning I went along to the running group of a friend/gym instructor/personal trainer. It was a beginner to 5k session and it was really good to see how you can ‘go back to basics’ and still get a really great workout, I was pushing myself as much as I would in a more ‘advanced’ session, and certainly felt the burn.

I have become slightly obsessed with the new gym and did a really intense session there yesterday but, as it’s now ‘officially open’, it was much busier. It’s right next to the train station, so I’m guessing it will be popular with commuters and there was a steady stream of people looking around while I was there. Every time I embark on a Juneathon or Janathon challenge, I say I will start doing yoga as part of my programme of activity, well today I actually did! Yup, I slowed down for an hour and got my head to touch my knees. It’s been a long time. I can see that I have a lot of work to do, but the teacher was lovely and I can see myself heading there every Tuesday for some one-to-one with a mat.

And breathe.


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