Chasing Lamp-posts

That other Adele chases pavements, I chase lamp-posts. As is usual during Juneathon/Janathon, I have come down with a cold, which decided to creep onto my chest yesterday (the yoga only really happened because I didn’t feel able to run…). This morning I half-heartedly put on my running gear and thought I would go for a gentle plod. When I got to the park I noticed the lamp-posts and remembered the ‘lamp-post’ session I did a few times with the running club, and thought ‘Why not?!’

The ten lamp-posts illuminate a long hill, that stretches diagonally across the park and are spaced evenly, allowing an opportunity to use them for some serious hill training. So I went for it: down to the bottom, back to the top, down to the next lamp-post along, back to the top and so on. It’s hard work. I distracted myself by watching the skulky teenagers who were avoiding going to their school, which can be seen clearly from that spot. I was very tempted to tell the big floppy lad that his pants were falling down (what’s that all about?), but decided I shouldn’t, since he was much, much bigger than me…though I could easily out-run him…oh, the things that go through your head when you’re battling through a hill session!

Distance: 2.97 miles

Time: 30 minutes 40 seconds

Average Pace: 10.20

Best Pace: 7.34

Calories: 359


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