Sports Day

Today was Sports Day. My memory of sports day is of something more running-based, with lots of cheering for the people who were naturally long and lean of limb and fast of pace and lots of huffing and puffing from those less blessed with athletic prowess. Thankfully things have moved on. A bit. Hector’s sports day was at the running track, but the lower school were positioned (in the blazing sun) on the grassy area in the middle, with an array of activities to keep them occupied and upbeat. Foam javelins were thrown (thank goodness they were foam!), ladders were tip-toed over, sprinting was done, sacks were raced and the slowest egg-and-spoon race was carried out, snail-like and with great concentration. I got my best workout today laughing at the space-hopper race, with much upwards bounce and very little forwards bounce making it a very on-the-spot sort of event. I will quickly pass over the fact that I participated in the mums’ 100m sprint and trailed weakly behind far younger and stronger women who raced ahead with impressive speed, I wondered if they run outside of the mums’ race and hoped that they do, or at least plan to…

The fact that it’s Sports Day time means that it’s also coming to the end of term and the long summer holiday. I keep looking at races of varying distances, thinking I need a challenge when actually my greatest challenge will be fitting in some running and gym training over the next seven weeks. I will take inspiration from our weekly Parkrun, which was made all the more inspiring last Saturday by a visit from Stephen and Zoe. I have followed them both for some time now, via their running blogs and through social media, so it was lovely to meet them in the flesh at last.




2 thoughts on “Sports Day

  1. Adele says:

    One of them was wearing a silver skirt, really! They took me by surprise. One dad fell over and cut his knee, it was tough out there on the track.

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