More than ‘just’ running

I was just reading this article on the Guardian website by the triathlete Eddie Brocklesby, who only started running at the age of 52 and now holds various triathlon and Duathlon records. Eddie is seventy. I do wonder sometimes if ‘just’ running is enough, or if ‘just’ running is a bit tough on the body, with the relentless up and down pounding. I wonder also if I would have the stamina, time and determination to train in three disciplines, and is training in these three areas kinder or tougher for our bodies, after all, an Ironman does run a marathon as the final leg of their event!

I received some information the other day about the London Duathlon, which is taking place in the beautiful surroundings of Richmond Park in September. This would be a great way in to multi-sport events, especially if you are uncertain about the swim section of a triathlon, as I would be. If you don’t know what a duathlon entails, there is some information here about the event and the various distances. It’s basically a bike-run-bike challenge and you can push yourself further by entering one of the longer distance sections or get together with some friends and work as a team in the relay event. Of course, I know I would be fine in the running sections, but can’t really picture myself in the cycle pack, trundling along on my heavy old mountain bike. I was reassured to read on the website though, that mountain bikes are allowed, but it is advisable to use road tyres. If you fancy trying something new to freshen up your training schedule and take your running in a new direction, have a look at the website and get yourself registered (there are discounts if you register before August 4th).


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