New Running Accessory Alert!

I’m not really one to add bulk to my run, preferring to leave the house with just my Garmin and, if I’m feeling particularly gadgety, my iPod Shuffle; I just don’t like having too many things to think about. I was rather taken with this new accessory though:

The Running Mat

The Running Mat

The Running Mat will be familiar to those of you who watch Dragon’s Den on the BBC – I stopped watching DD when the dragons started being unnecessarily cruel to the poor hopeful business people (and I also find it hard to watch things through my hands, some of those presentations are squirmingly uncomfortable). The makers of The Running Mat were not causing any squirming though, and were strong enough to persuade both of the sour-looking female Dragons to invest in their product – well done! But what’s it all about?

The Running Mat is a portable exercise mat with a wide strap to allow you to carry it easily even whilst running.



The mat sits around your waist, rather like a slightly bulkier fuel belt, and can easily be opened out when a bit of resistance work takes your fancy.

Ready for action

Ready for action

I can see how this could be an excellent addition to the equipment bag of a personal trainer, but it’s not something you would want to take on a longer run. I have been in the position of having to try to fit in my running and resistance training wherever I can during the long school holiday, and it’s certainly something I can take on a shorter speed session and then have the flexibility of doing some floor work in the park en route. We haven’t had much of a mud problem of late, but the parched grass can be mighty spiky! I think The Running Mat will come into its own as the weather gets wetter and colder, offering a barrier between you and the uninviting mud. My own testing of the mat took place on our camping holiday in Devon and I found it perfect for a post-coastal-path-trek stretch and even took it to the beach to sit on whilst warming up after a rather bracing swim 🙂


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