Project Fitartist

It’s back-to-school time. I feel blue. It’s been a fantastic summer, with long, fun days spent building miniature boats to sail down the river, picking blackberries for jams and crumbles, playing in sandpits, splashing in the sea on our North Devon camping adventure and riding our bikes to wherever we please. I like the freedom of not being tied to a school timetable, and it’s fun starting a day not knowing what lies ahead. This morning Hector hid what I think was excitement at going back to school as he whizzed along on his bike in his uniform, he caught up with friends in the playground and lined up with his new teacher, blowing kisses as he went (this all makes me happy, knowing that he has the confidence to go in without getting upset, a long way from when he started out!). I then caught up with other parents on a slow stroll home, back into the same old routine.

I knew that fitting in any kind of structured exercise would be challenging over the summer holiday, so I decided not get stressed about it, and just did what I could. I did have a couple of weeks at the beginning where I didn’t run at all, then Hector was booked in for a week of intensive swimming: half an hour each morning. I would drop him off at the pool-side then run to the gym upstairs, run fast on the treadmill for twenty minutes then back down to get into my swimming costume and spend a bit of time in the pool with Hector after his lesson. Our holiday was spent along the South Coast Path where I managed three runs during the week. I say runs, but it was more of a climb, then a pause to take in the stunning view, another climb then another view, perfect.

Now I am able to fit in some structure again, what shall I do? To get me straight back into it, I booked myself in to the RPM class at the gym this morning, I’ve no idea. It’s a spin-type class I guess, I’m imagining pumping music, high action, sweating, calorie-burning. We’ll see. I have also registered for a local 10k on October 13th, so I have about five weeks to get 10k fit again. I would really like to run it comfortably and enjoy it, so will aim to fit in some longer runs in the next few weeks. Any ideas? Any challenges? Any races I should aim for? I’m open to suggestions!


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