Feel the love

The Parkrun love. Saturday was International Parkrunday, nine years since Paul Sinton-Hewitt got thirteen friends together for a run in Bushy Park, and look at us now! As we stood outside the cafe on Hilly Fields on Saturday at 9am, thousands of other runners at over 300 events in eight countries were also jumping on the spot, eager to set off on their weekly 5k challenge. Our run this week was made all the more exciting by the eagerness of our fourteen-year-old front-runner, giving the regulars a run for their money as he crossed the line in eighteen minutes.

My own running has taken a knock in the past few weeks, with a cold that just won’t shift. I think I am emerging from that under-water feeling now and have tested the ground with a few brisk ones. The weather is simply gorgeous right now: bright, clear skies, turning leaves and smiling faces all round. Tonight I will really bite the running bullet and attempt a run with the club again. It’s been a long time, but I don’t normally have the chance to run on a Tuesday evening, but a change in Edward’s footballing schedule seems to be pushing me out of the door. Eek! I last ran with the club when the nights were dark and so was my mood, with a sharp and tearful exit putting an end to a challenging evening on the track. Tonight will be different, I will hold my head up and not be deterred by the fact that I am bringing up the rear…if I want to get faster I need to run faster.

We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Feel the love

  1. fitartist says:

    Thank you both. I did it! I knew I would find it hard, not just physically, but emotionally, but I pushed on through and had a really good run. And I wasn’t last!

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