Welsh Running

Our weekend was spent visiting my parents in North Wales. I did, of course, have a quick look at the Parkrun map before we left, to see if there are any Parkruns around there, but there are none (small parks, plenty of great runs through fields…though there are many friendly runners who would no doubt enjoy the social benefits of being part of Parkrun…). So I packed my brightest running top (last time I ran there I felt a bit invisible on the fast roads) and shoes and set my mind on my own Saturday morning run. One great thing about staying with my parents is that we get to have a lie-in while Hector is entertained by his grandparents, bliss! If I had been heading out for a 9am start, I would have missed it. Ahem.

The weather while we were there was wet and blustery but, when the rain eased the sun came out and all was glorious. I headed out of my parents’ road and towards Tremeirchion. I soon saw dog walkers, cyclists and another runner, totalling an impressive twelve friendly ‘hello’s or ‘morning!’s! My favourite encounter though was with a cool young farmer, astride his quad bike, commanding the road, mobile to ear and two lively sheep dogs hanging off the back of the bike, barking. There were hills, there was mud and it was friendly, so pretty much like Hilly Fields Parkrun, but with sheep and quad bikes.

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Hector really enjoyed his weekend away, and Nana had got him some smart new wellies to wear to explore the castle, watch fireworks from the beach in Llandudno, and to wander around the fields picking balckberries. Perfect.


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