Getting faster, really!

Oh hello! Yes, I’m still here and definitely still running…maybe it’s all the running that’s kept me from my blog. Remember around this time last year and I had the chance to go along to the running club once a week, but I found the challenge of always being at the back too much to bear? Well, I’ve gone back for more of the same (though with a much better frame of mind this time). Edward has stopped his Tuesday night football thing, so I have jumped at the chance and find myself in the floodlit joy of going round and round and round with other sweaty chaps. I’ve been going for a while now, when I can, and I have really noticed something happening, something speedy.



A couple of weeks ago I donned my knitted moustache and headed over to Greenwich Park for the Mo Run 10k. I was rather honoured to be allowed to wear the Run Dem Crew T-shirt for the day, as I was part of a group of 100 Run Dem runners taking part en masse…it was high-fives all round and the most enthusiastic cheerers at the top of one of the tough hills. In preparation for the run, one of my fellow Hilly Fields Parkrunners, Glenn had been organising training runs over at the park on Sunday mornings. It was great to meet up with other runners of different abilities and speeds and have a chat whilst working out how to pace this run and how to tackle the hills. When race day came, I was all set and the preparation really put me in good stead to break away and spend the first half of the race overtaking…overtaking! As the 5k marker approached, I looked down to see that I had run it in just over 26 minutes, now could I keep that up for the second half? Somehow I kept up my push and crossed the line in 53.14! My best ever 10k time (I think) is 52 minutes and that was years ago, when I was leaner, younger and fitter, so not bad for a challenging 10k 🙂 (Edward said I can call it my ‘Post-40 PB’. I’ll have that).

On Saturday I will run our Parkrun and see how that translates to a much-loved, much-run course. In the meantime, a friend over on Twitter alerted me to this lovely little film…enjoy.


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