You wait for a PB and four come along at once!

Yup, four. It went something like this…

On March 1st (St David’s Day) I ran HillyFields parkrun in 26.16, knocking almost a minute off my previous time. The next week I amazed myself by dipping under the 26 minute mark with a run of 25.42. Not satisfied with that, I pushed myself further and faster the following week and clocked 25.33 then, the following week saw my fourth PB in a row, with a breathtakingly close time of 25.01. On my Garmin it said 25.00 and I’m very happy with that πŸ™‚ How long have I been working towards a 25 minute 5k? I hadn’t imagined it would be up at Hilly Fields though!

This all bodes well for my triathlon training. I am training hard, running four times a week, getting to the Tuesday night club run when I can. I’m swimming hard, aiming to fit in at least three pool sessions a week, but I still need to get out on the bike more…I need a bike buddy 😦 Talking of swimming, I decided it might be good to have a couple of lessons, to see how I’m getting on and see if I can improve on my technique. A couple of times this week I have taken a deep breath and ducked into the ‘fast lane’. Now I normally weave up and down the ‘medium lane’, overtaking here and there and feeling quite fast. The fast lane is a whole new world. I found myself in there on Monday just because it was empty and I was confidently carving through the water until a graceful water baby got in and, with a flick of her feet, overtook me and glided off without causing the slightest ripple. As I swam after her, I watched in awe as she executed the most perfect tumble turn, complete with dolphin-like body-ripple and effortlessly took the lane.


So, back to my lesson. I swam a length front-crawl and my teacher asked if I had been coached (a-ha-ha-ha!), because the way I moved my arms looked like I had been coached. I don’t know if YouTube videos count. We then went on to look at my one-sided breathing and low legs…but look at my arms, my arms! I did some tricky little drills, swallowing gulps of pool and got confused a lot, forgetting how to count and which is left and which is right. After all that, as a parting shot, he said ‘As your triathlon is in the pool, you’ll be doing tumble-turns, right?’ Errr, yeah, if you say so. This is where I dived right out of my comfort zone. I was asked to do a forward roll in the water, cue attempt at forward roll until I stop myself because I don’t like being upside-down. We moved on to a handstand to ease into the upside-down thing, cue legs akimbo. End of lesson. We all talked about my half-hearted tumbling exploits over dinner and it seems I have a six-year-old tumbling superstar in my midst! Apparently Hector did six somersaults in the water without breathing on their last trip to the pool…so he tried his best to explain to me how it’s done…oh, to have the nerve and exuberance of a small water-loving child! I certainly have a lot to think about next time I’m in the water. There is the worry that I’m actually doing ok and maybe I shouldn’t mess with it, but I really would like to get a bit faster and swim more efficiently…and master that blimmin’ tumble-turn.

I’ll keep you updated!





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