Sweatshop London Marathon Store

As a sponsor of parkrun, Sweatshop award a runner from each event a voucher to buy new shoes each month. These runners are nominated by the event team for their attendance, effort, achievement, enthusiasm, whatever the team considers makes them stand out and deserving of the title of ‘Runner of the Month’. In March I managed to bag myself four PBs (with a cheeky one at the end of February making it five), and the Hilly Fields team plotted quietly behind my back to put me forward. Last week I took some time out to travel up to the London Marathon Store to get my shiny new shoes 🙂

London Marathon Store

London Marathon Store

It was great having the opportunity to have my gait analysed as my shoes are very worn out and I have been suffering from knee pain which, even though I have been seeing the physio for a while now, just isn’t going away. First of all I had my feet scanned and it was clear that I have a pretty neutral gait, so we tested this by putting on some neutral shoes and filming me running on a treadmill. I could see straight away on the video that my left foot falls out very slightly and my right foot falls in. It’s a tiny amount, so Jason and I worked our way through the various shoes he suggested and it was interesting to see just how different the different brands feel, with some feeling tighter around the toes, some feeling wide and one pair feeling downright clip-cloppy! Of course, after getting Jason to go in and out to the stock room numerous times, I plumped for the pair of shoes I tried on originally, some Mizuno Wave Riders…the shoe I have run in for ages. Typical. Once I’d sorted out my shoes, I also wanted to take the opportunity to try on a sports bra and was pleased to find out that the staff offer a bra-fitting service.

Shiny and new

Shiny and new

After I finished shopping (I needed elasticated laces for my new shoes for the triathlon of course), Jason showed me around the basement of the store. I was surprised to find a fantastic facility with lockers, showers and lot of room for eager runners to get ready for their adidas 26RS running groups. These are regular runs of varying distances and paces, and would be ideal for someone who works in the area: just pop out for a lunch time or post-work run, shower and get straight back to work/home.

Changing facilities

Changing facilities

The runs are at these times:

Mon: 1pm (5km), Mon: 6.30pm (5km), Wed: 1pm (Beginners 5km), Wed: 6.30pm (Beginners 5km), Thur: 6.30pm (10km), Fri: 1pm (5km) and Sunday at 9.30 (distance confirmed by email).

On Saturday, Steve from the London Marathon Store came along to Hilly Fields to try out our course and share some vouchers with our runners. He loved it (of course!), saying it had a cross-country feel and he enjoyed the challenge of the hills. I like an enthusiastic visitor 🙂




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