Pink Jersey

Did you see those cyclists heading through Northern Ireland at the start of the Giro D’Italia? Their sensitive European limbs protected against the harsh wind and rain blowing in from the Atlantic, heads down, breathing heavy. The jersey awarded to the leader of the race is pink, and the people of Northern Ireland went a bit bonkers, decorating anything that stayed still long enough with pink bunting, balloons and candy stripes. Even if you didn’t stay still, you were in danger of being pinked…



In homage to these intrepid riders, I have been riding around South East London in my own pink jersey, courtesy of the Aldi cycling range. I’ve also been getting my knees out (no pictures, you’ll be relieved to know) in a rather neat pair of cycling shorts. I really love the shorts, perfect fit, nice grip around the thigh, but not too tight, and just enough padding for a fairly long ride. I did feel a bit too ‘obvious’ in the top though, with pink not being my colour of choice (though I was very visible…not a bad thing), and the fit was slightly baggy, so I would suggest going a size smaller than you might normally. I also tried the gloves and, after my fellow cyclist Sally said they were good for small hands, I expected them to be a nice fit, but alas, I must have the tiniest hands ever, because they felt a bit loose on me.

If you’re really quick, you might still find some gear in your local store, and keep an eye out because there will be some more coming out in the next few weeks.




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