Fuel on the Move

I’m relatively new to this here cycling long-distance thing, and have yet to get my head round the difference between fuelling for running and fuelling for riding. Unless I’m training for a half-marathon or longer, my running fuel is pretty straight forward, and I only ever start to think about even carrying drink if I’m going over about eight or nine miles. The most I would eat on the run would be some jelly babies or maybe a gel, but fuelling-on-wheels is a very different matter. So far I have just about managed to get to grips with drinking on the move, with a weaving about, drink up the nose moment usually happening somewhere en route, and my solid fuel is usually something like this:

Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

…not exactly cycle-specific is it?! As I start to train in a more focussed fashion for the London Duathlon in September, and even, maybe, possibly think about entering a sportive (yup), maybe I should look at something I could snaffle as I go, on rides where a stop at a quaint tea-shoppe is not on the cards. What could be more fit for purpose than the official performance bar of the Giro d’Italia? The new Multipower Fruit Power Bar is crammed with fruit – made with 65% real fruit – and packs an energy-boosting 138kc per 40g bar, with 29.2g being carbohydrate (figures based on the ‘original’ flavour). Those chaps in the Giro d’Italia can consume up to 7000 (yes, really) calories a day, so are constantly having to top-up their energy supplies. Bread pudding and a pot of tea is spot on, but you just don’t see them pulling up at a road-side cafe and partaking, do you?

Power in a bar

Power in a bar

As a small, easy to carry in your jersey pocket, packed with energy bar, the Multipower Fruit Power Bar fits the bill. Personally I prefer the ‘Original’ flavour to the ‘Tropical’ and, as it has a soft and chewy consistency, you’re not going to be dropping a trail of crumbs as you ride, so hopefully getting it right where it needs to be…if you’re a good on-the-move sort of eater (I’m yet to try this). You can read all about the bars here, and maybe stock up ready for those lovely summer rides you have planned…a stage of Le Tour de Yorkshire anyone?


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