Fast and Hard

This getting faster is really, really hard work. A few weeks ago I took part in the British 10k London Run and was absolutely delighted to sneak under the 50 minute mark and get myself a PB. It had felt hard, and I thought I ought to fit in another 10k race before my duathlon in September, so signed up for the British Heart Foundation Victoria Park 10k, which took place yesterday. We decided to head over there by bike and overground, so we could ride around and the boys could enjoy the park while I ran, unfortunately Hector picked up a puncture as we arrived in Haggerston, so I headed along the canal to Victoria Park while they tried to sort out the puncture 😦

The atmosphere at the park was relaxed and friendly, with people milling around, collecting t-shirts, putting bags in the baggage area and taking selfies.



The junior race was started, then we were called over to join in the warm-up. Erm, I just swung my legs about at the edge and tried to look serious while people around me jumped around. We were then ushered into a very narrow funnel to face an arch that had ‘finish’ written on it. And we were off. This was a three lap race and very flat, with nice wide roads and paths to overtake the many walkers (yes, lots of people were walking. I did feel like calling cheerily ‘Give it a go!’ but didn’t have enough breath). I had really wanted to run under 50 minutes again and hoped to achieve a similar time to the other week, but I wasn’t feeling amazing and had to give myself little pep talks and work out how much longer it would take me to finish. My energy and enthusiasm was lifted when I saw Edward and Hector at the end of the first lap, smiling and waving: ‘I fixed my puncture Mum!’

The run was largely shaded by trees, but it did feel hot and my stomach was not feeling very happy, so it was push, push, push, head down and teeth gritted to get to the end. I had noticed that my Garmin was measuring short and, as I entered the finish funnel (as you did on each lap) I was confused about whether or not I had actually finished. Some runners had another lap to go and were heading left, spectators were blocking the way to the right and I walked right past the drinks and medals. I spoke to a marshal though and he kindly went to get a medal for me. When I pointed out that the course seemed short, he reassured me that they had measured it accurately with a wheel…

So, my official time is 46:42! This is getting silly!

I then got on my bike and headed over to the playground, where Hector had found something fun to entertain him:

Sand fun

Sand fun

The playground at Victoria Park really is great, even if you’re a bit bigger…

Post-race play

Post-race play


4 thoughts on “Fast and Hard

    • fitartist says:

      Until not long ago, I didn’t picture myself running 10k so fast, so I am always a bit shocked when I look at my watch! I just need to maintain the fitness now…

    • fitartist says:

      It was interesting because Hector had a real obsession with diggers when he was smaller, and had been on one of these before…it was rather nice that he was still drawn to it and had lots of fun 🙂

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