A New Challenge

If you follow my progress regularly, you will know that I have enjoyed swimming for a long time, and found it particularly useful during pregnancy when I swam almost every day, even when I was going into ‘overtime’. Even so, I don’t really consider myself ‘a swimmer’. Oddly. Last year I found myself in the unlikely position of ‘racing’ other people in my first triathlon, a weird experience for someone who used to try their hardest to dodge swimming in PE (it was pretty horrid). Since I signed up for the Crystal Palace Triathlon, I really got stuck in, and have been swimming two, three or even four times a week since then, finding my stroke improving and I might even have got a bit faster. Woo-hoo! In May I will be having a go at the CPtri again and, in September attempting my first open-water and Olympic distance at the Hever Castle Triathlon. It was with this in mind that I signed up for the Swimathon in April.

When I looked at the distances, I was initially drawn to the 2.5k distance, a challenge indeed. I ummed and aahhed a bit and decided that, if I am to ask people to sponsor me to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care, I need to do something even more challenging, so I’ve committed to swim the whole 5k! Arrrghghghghg! The furthest I have swum previously is one mile (1500m), so this is really taking me out of my comfort zone. I was surprised (and delighted) at how many people sponsored me straight away, which really gave me a push to get going with my training. There are some really useful training plans on the website, and I went along to my local pool (where the event will be held) yesterday to throw myself in to my first session.



I swam 92 lengths of the 25m pool but, as it was split into sets, with short rests, I felt fresh even when I reached the end of the session. It was odd taking rests and sipping my drink – I normally roll up, get in, swim hard, get out, go home. It gave me a real confidence boost getting through that first 2300m session, I now feel like I can reach my 5k target in ten weeks’ time 🙂


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