Posted by: fitartist | March 10, 2015

Primal Pantry Pecan Protection

You may recall a review I wrote not long ago of the Primal Hazelnut and Cocoa Bars, perfect for fuelling on the go, especially if you’re following a paleo or gluten-free diet. Thanks to a new Apple and Pecan bar, you have more choice and another chance to boost your nutrient intake. It seems pecans have been proving themselves useful in lowering cholesterol – whilst pecans are high in fat, the new study has shown that, rather than being detrimental to the levels of cholesterol and fats in our blood, the nuts appear to reduce them.

Apple and Pecan

Apple and Pecan

I found the Apple and Pecan bar tasty, enjoyed the texture given by the nuts and they’re a handy size to pop in your bag or pocket for a quick post-workout refuel. The Primal Pantry bars (which includes four other bars – coconut & macadamia, almond & cashew, brazil nut &cherry and hazelnut & cacao) are now available in Tesco, Superdrug, health stores and gyms. For further information visit



  1. I was gunna buy some buy you don’t ship to the United States 😦

    • Adele isn’t Primal Kitchen 🙂 She’s just reviewing.

      The cashew ones are yummy!

    • Helen’s comment is correct, I am simply reviewing the bars! You should contact Primal Pantry directly via their website, they might be able to sort you out 🙂

      Yes, cashew…mmmmmm.

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