Fitbug for Fitartist

I remember years ago, when I was starting to get into stats around my activity, I had a pedometer which I clipped to my trousers and counted the steps I was taking each day. I was quite chuffed with my daily totals until I looked at it a bit more closely and realised that it registered about six steps when I went to the loo, so the up and down trouser action was being counted as progress. Things have moved on a bit since then.

Recently I have been trying out an fitbug Orb, which tracks movement and sleep, using bluetooth technology to feedback to your iPhone 6. I excitedly ripped off the packaging then realised I really should start doing those ‘unboxing’ images 😉 Set-up was quick and easy (I think I even did it alongside making dinner, so pretty straightforward!). The instructions on the website are concise and clear, with app download being swift enough to get going soon after you ‘unbox’. You can choose to wear your fitbug on your wrist like a watch:



Or, like me, on your belt hook using a little clip – I found I kept looking at it when I wore it on my wrist, wondering what the time was!

Belt hook

Belt hook

I have tracked my running/riding/swim stats for years and have quite a high level of addiction already, so was slightly surprised at how obsessed I became with how many steps I was taking each day! I would check the phone and do a little high five in the air, declaring: ‘I’m awesome at stepping!’ I am. Other things I found interesting were the different area of the website, where you can keep track of what you’re eating, set yourself goals and challenges and manually add any activities that are not picked up by the device – this was useful for me as I do a lot of swimming (and some cycling)…I’m not quite sure how, but this is converted into steps and you can see how many calories you have burned. For the first week or so, I was being very good about inputting my food intake, but that lapsed after a while – I did find it was useful while it lasted though, making me think a bit more about what I was eating in relation to how much exercise I was doing (looking up the calorie content of a chocolate cornflake nest is tedious enough to make you think twice about having one).

Looking at my stats over a month, I can see that an average day usually comes in at around 22,000 steps but, when I look at a day where I ran a half-marathon, I managed 29,509 steps! I found it a bit hard to get my head around the fact that it wasn’t even more, but soon registered that I take shorter strides when I’m running. I have enjoyed using the fitbug and can see how it would really help you commit to a fitness programme and track your progress over a period of time, especially if you are starting out and want something simple to help you get into the habit. You can choose a black strap or funky pink if you’re feeling a bit more bold than I am. Happy stepping!


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