Urban Fruit…more…and moreish

Mmmmm, how lip-smackingly happy was I to receive this little box of treats in the post?!



The lovely people at Urban Fruit sent me this box of tasty snacks to try out, but I must come clean and admit that I was already an addict and this was just fuelling my addiction! I love dried fruit and probably spend a big chunk of the weekly shopping budget on chewy treats to keep me going throughout the day. I pile everything in a tub, mix with nuts and take little servings out with me to scoff post-run/swim – they are also great to stuff in your jersey pocket for a long bike ride.

The great thing about the Urban Fruit range (apart from the funky packaging design) is that there is no added sugar or sulphates so you are just eating dried fruit and no nasties. They also produce a fantastic range of fruits, some of which it’s hard to find elsewhere. My two personal faves are the strawberries (like little jelly sweets!) and – one I hadn’t tried before – tropical…the coconut pieces were yum. Oh man, I’m drooling writing this and IT’S ALL GONE!

You can find the Urban Fruit range in supermarkets and smaller independent shops and you can keep up with new products and news by following on social media: facebook,com/urbanfruit, @urbanfruit and on instagram @urbanfruituk.

I need to stock up on some more…I’ve got it bad.


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