Book Review: Build Your Running Body

I’m sometimes sent kit or nutrition-related items to test and review, so it was rather interesting to be sent a book to review. Obviously it takes a bit longer to get to a point where you can feed back, especially if you’re as slow a reader as I am! Of course, this is not the kind of book you sit down and read cover-to-cover, gripped by the narrative, so I have done a bit of dipping in some sections and re-read others that I found particularly interesting or relevant to my current training. The book in question is ‘Build Your Running Body’ by Pete Magill, Thomas Schwartz and Melissa Breyer. Between them, the team of writers are a senior writer for Running Times, an exercise physiologist and an author of another book looking at nutrition, so are a good team to pen such a book.



So what will you find in the book?

With 434 pages of information, it’s a hefty stack of facts to get through, with sections on motivation (always a good one), kit, nutrition and injury. The book goes into detail about diet and fuel, focus, recovery and has good practical sections with schedules, exercises to build core strength and stability and even recipes to fuel and re-fuel your training and competition.

Tasty recipes

Tasty recipes

Stand-Out Sections

The areas that I have found most interesting and useful are the schedules, recipes and the clear photo instructions for exercises and stretches.

Photo instructions

Photo instructions

Overall View

The book is packed with facts and guidance, which is great, but it could feel slightly overwhelming to a beginner. It is though, the sort of book that you can dip in and out of to find what is most useful to your stage of training and would definitely offer value to both the beginner and more advanced runner alike.



Published by Souvenir Press, Build Your Running Body retails at £15 and will have you ‘Running farther, faster and injury-free’.


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