I love swimming

Really, I do. This is me trying to remind myself, with Swimathon now just four weeks away, that I do, in fact, love swimming. As the training for the 5k distance increases, so does the time spent in the pool and, of course, this gets harder to squeeze into an already busy week. Last week was half-term and I didn’t make it into the pool once 😦 so this week is all about rekindling my love of the water. As part of the Swimathon blogsquad, I was lucky to be invited along to a swim training session with none other than Olympian, Duncan Goodhew! Yes, I was very, very excited to be meeting a childhood hero – I used to watch him on TV in total awe. This was a fantastic opportunity to meet and learn from a swimming legend and also to meet some of the other blogsquad team: Lucy, Emma and Victoria. Sadly, Tess wasn’t able to come, but I hope to meet her some time in the future. First of all, I met Duncan and got to hold the gold medal he won at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow. It is very heavy!

Image credit: Swimathon

Image credit: Swimathon

Once in the water, we got stuck straight in, with Duncan first of all taking a look at where we are currently at. I was pleased to be told I ‘have a lovely stroke’ (phew) and was given some drills to work on, with the goal of lengthening my reach a little and for me to think about bilateral breathing (oh yes, that one). I loved the drills, being someone who normally just carves up and down the pool, you can really feel the difference when you focus on one aspect of your stroke. After focussing on freestyle for a while (a few of us are working towards triathlons, with the aim of swimming freestyle throughout), Duncan showed us how breaststroke should really look. At this point we all went very quiet, with a little gasp hanging above the water. Disappearing under the surface, Duncan only reappeared after he had covered about half of the pool, when we had the pleasure of witnessing that gold-medal-winning style. Wow! Then we had a go…

Image credit: Swimathon

Image credit: Swimathon

I could have continued all night, hanging on his every word, soaking up the tips and eagerly trying to put it all into practice but, of course, it was over in no time and we were saying our thank yous and goodbyes, wishing each other luck in our various challenges. But not before doing a daft pose in the water…

Image credit: Swimathon

Image credit: Swimathon

Yesterday, I had a bit of time where I was going to be near a pool, so took the opportunity to get back in the water. I had my notes in a little waterproof bag, my pull-buoy and a bottle of water (well, half a bottle of water, since it decided to turn upside-down in my bag and pour itself down my back), so eased into the water with a goal. But it wasn’t to be. The first few lengths were great, I had lots of space, the sun was pouring through the windows and I was gliding. Then two men got in and took over, the lane Mafia I called them in my head. Overtaking, cutting up, glaring, pushing in. It was too much for my sensitive little soul, so I climbed out after 1km. Defeated. Today was a different matter though, I wasn’t going to let my head take over and I did reach my goal. The schedule said 3,400m and I swam 3,400m. I had the lane to myself for some time, then shared with a faster, smoother woman. When a school class came in, we shuffled across to the ‘middle’ lane , but this didn’t stop me, I was set on that goal and I did it!


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