Powerbar Sports Protein Plus

I’m doing a lot of swimming at the moment and those of you who have read about my swim sessions before will know that I get terribly ‘swamished’. This was a word coined by my friend Hugh after last year’s Swimathon. There’s something about swimming, more than running or cycling, that gives me a huge appetite and, if I don’t carry something in my bag to snaffle as soon as I’m dry (or even whilst drying myself!), then I will end up mindlessly eating daft stuff.

Three flavours

Three flavours

I was recently sent some Powerbar Sports Protein Plus bars to try out, by the people at ProBikeKit. I’m always eager to try new fuel and refuel foods, so started carrying these in my kit bag to see if they did the trick in fighting a bout of swamishness. They did! I was sent three flavours to try: Blueberry Nuts, Lemon Cheesecake and Orange Jaffa Cake. A personal favourite is definitely the Orange Jaffa Cake bar and not just because it’s covered in dark chocolate, really.

Jaffa Cakey

Jaffa Cakey

This one and the Lemon Cheesecake bar have a very different texture to the Blueberry Nut bar, kind of like a deliciously orangey (or lemony) Milky Way. I liked the chewiness and the freshness of the flavour. They also really filled me up after a hard swim. Result! The Blueberry Nut bar is more of a cereal bar, more crunchy and crispy, with added dried fruits. It’s recommended that we eat a combination of protein and carbs after exercise, to help repair our muscles and replenish glycogen. You can do this in a number of ways, if you are going straight home to eat (or are super prepared), but it’s often easier to stash a bar in your bag if you are on the go and these seem to be a tasty option. You can find out more about the bars here and buy some if you fancy trying something new, post-swim/run/ride.


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