Social Swimming

Just over a week to go until Swimathon 2016! Oh, my!

Last week, I decided I should get some practice in at the Aquatics Centre, since that’s where I’ll be taking on my 5k. I armed myself with my instructions, written down from the excellent training plans and a bottle of water, found a lane that looked nice and quiet and set about swimming 4km, the furthest I’ve swum since last year’s Swimathon. It was hard work. I do like the training plans, because they include breaks (of only twenty seconds or so, but still) and these kind of ‘refresh’ your stroke and your determination each time and break up what can be quite a tedious chunk of time. Yes, I said it, tedious! It’s not like there’s much to look at, though the Olympic pool is simply awesome and I catch my breath when I remember where I am, but the constant up and down can get a bit boring.



I do try to find ways of breaking the boredom, but it’s hard to daydream or drift off when you’ve got to keep count, so it becomes a kind of meditation, listening to the counting in my head, the swooshing sounds around my swimming cap and looking into the tiny bubbles that flutter towards me as my fingers pass through the water. I notice the roll of my body, readjusting as my shoulders start to tense, reminding myself that I should see the surface of the water, the lane divider and not the ceiling. I enjoy the deep, deep inhalation and the hard exhalation, the flutter of my legs and the power through my torso. I look down to the bottom of the pool, noticing lost hair bands, scrunched up plasters (urgh) and the depth that kind of hangs underneath me. I catch up with the swimmer in front and widen my stroke outwards into a slow breaststroke, secretly enjoying the little break and new view, but plotting my overtake at the lane end. All of this passes through my head during the up and down of eighty lengths of a fifty meter pool.

Today’s distraction tactic was to swim with friends. I say ‘swim with friends’, a social swim is an odd thing, with the swim itself involving us finding our own lanes and carving our solo paths, but the meeting up, travelling together and the post-swim lunch makes it all so much more fun.

Swim friends

Swim friends

…though the lunch that we inhaled at speed didn’t really ease the level of swamishness that we had reached 😉


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