Foodie Round-Up

I’ve been trying out a couple of new fuel and hydration products and though it might be good to pair them up and see how they can work together for a post-run/activity refuel/rehydrate option. First is DRINKMaple, which is a drink tapped from maple trees in Vermont. The website tells us that DRINKMaple is packed with nutrients and gives a refreshing low-calorie, gluten-free, dairy-free drink. You can read about the nutritional value here.



So what does it taste like? Well, erm, sugary water really. If you like sugary water, then great, but I prefer my water unsweet(ened) so, to gain the nutritional benefits, I added mine to a smoothie, with frozen berries, banana and a bit of almond milk.



That looks a bit more exciting doesn’t it?

To accompany my Super Maple-Berry Smoothie, I toasted a Dr Zak’s high protein cinnamon and raisin bagel. I’ve tested a few Dr Zak’s products before and found them tasty and filling, so these bagels are a nice addition. I buttered mine and added a little honey, which is just fine if you’ve run ten miles and pounded out an hour on the turbo trainer (more on my current training later in the week).



The bagels are tasty and they do fill you up for longer, but the most valuable feature is the high protein count, which is exactly what you need after a tough session.


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