Run, row, ride! Join a new virtual event!

I have been logging my activity for a few years now, keeping track of my running/swimming/cycling to have a record of how far and how fast (or slow!) I have been going. It’s really good to look back and see what has worked, which activities have challenged me most and to get a sense of how I am progressing. I do sometimes wonder how far I have gone over the years, imagining where I could have got to in that time. I was very interested then, to have the chance to try out this new virtual challenge, that allows you to set a goal, either individually, or as a team.

Team work

Team work

My Virtual Mission allows you to see exactly how far your running/cycling/swimming/rowing, and so on, have got you. You can join an existing mission, such as the one I joined, that aims to travel from Land’s End to John O’ Groats, or you can set up your own (I’m seeing how long it takes me to swim the English Channel!). It’s a really fun way to convert what could be quite dull statistics into something a bit more interesting, giving a goal and also a sense of achievement when you reach your (virtual) destination.

Land's End

Land’s End

It’s really easy to get started (read more about this here) and you can even set up your challenge as a fundraiser for your chosen charity, giving even more motivation to keep going. Once you set up your mission, you just go out and exercise, as usual and upload your data automatically via a connection to Strava, for example, or by using the mobile app. Easy!

Keep going!

Keep going!

The event starts on October 1st and you can select your own time-frame in which to complete your mission. Why not get set up now, ready to get stuck in when October rolls around? To get £5 off your registration, enter ‘5off’ at the checkout. See you in John O’ Groats!


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