Shine Night Walk 2016

I quite often get asked by running friends to join them on 24-hour night-time challenges. I always politely decline, saying how much I need my sleep. I’m not quite sure then, why I’m going anywhere near this upcoming night-time event! I had initially signed up to the full marathon Shine Night Walk, but realised I would need to step back to the half-marathon option if I was to make a volunteering commitment on the Sunday morning – oops! So why did I agree to take part? The Shine Night Walk is Cancer Research UK‘s night-time marathon, to bring people together and to raise much-needed money to fund research into cancers that affect people around us every day. There will be people raising thousands of pounds and also walking to raise awareness, to remember loved ones and to celebrate those who are living with cancer.

I consider myself to be pretty fit, having taken part in a few endurance events in the past few months and having covered the half-marathon (and marathon) distance numerous times now. I do realise though, that I shouldn’t be complacent and imagine that this will be a walk in the park (or city, to be precise – see the course map here), so will be doing a bit more walking in the next couple of weeks, to gear myself up for the challenge. I have been given some very nice Sole dual-layer socks to wear and some footbeds to help me float on air around central London. I have no idea how long it will take me to complete the half-marathon distance, but I will look forward to cooling my feet and letting them breathe the next day, in my lovely, comfy flip-flops.

I think the course is well-stocked with aid stations, with loos and fuel, so I shouldn’t have to carry too much, but I do need to get myself fully lit-up, with face paint, glow-sticks and LED lights, well I do want to shine for the occasion!


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