Hot Yoga at Marshall Street Leisure Centre

It’s February, one of the hardest months in the Spring marathon training calendar, the time when the distances get longer and your muscles get tighter. Ouch. The perfect time then, to try a Hot Yoga class! It’s been a while and I knew I would be feeling a little inflexible, but this class was just the ticket.

I hadn’t been to the Marshall Street Leisure Centre before, what a hidden gem! Just off Carnaby Street in the centre of London, you can take any number of classes, use the fantastically equiped gym and swim in the most gorgeous 1930s swimming pool, complete with the original marble floor!

1930s swimming

1930s swimming

There was no swimming for me this time (look out for another post soon), but an induction at the gym and some lovely, deep, Hot Yoga. My gym induction was fun, a chance to look at machines and equipment I hadn’t seen before and to reacquaint myself with areas of the gym I haven’t used for a while. There are two gym spaces, one 100 station gym and another, with treadmills, circuit training and stationary bikes (the spin and HiiT classes take place here). Once I had worked out my goals with the trainer and been shown how to access all the resources on the website, it was time to head upstairs to the Hot Yoga studio.



I met the teacher going in and she told me all about this amazing space. It’s brand new, with special flooring and heating, which allows your body to stretch further and for you to take your yoga to another level. The heat hit me as I went in and I became anxious about being too sweaty. I needn’t have worried though, because the class moves gently and you ease into the yoga poses at a pace that lets your body adjust to this environment (you should take a towel and water though, because you will need them). It’s been quite a long time since I did a yoga class, so I felt a little self-conscious as the other bendier class members twisted themselves easily between the poses. Once again, I shouldn’t have been so silly, as the teacher turned down the lights, allowing us to focus on our own bodies and to enjoy the class at our own level.

Child pose

Child pose

I was really intrigued to see how different Hot Yoga is from other classes and it really was evident, in how comfortable I felt getting into positions that I wouldn’t have thought possible (I did have to step aside at one point though, to deal with cramp, an ongoing problem I have to work through!). I felt quite safe pushing myself deeper into the stretches, knowing that my muscles were fully warmed up; I could imagine this being incredibly effective over time. I travelled especially to the class but, if you work or live nearby, this would be a real gem of a place to find yourself on your lunch break!

Have a look at the Everyone Active website here, to find out about membership and the many classes available to explore.


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