In miniature

(to follow on from the last post, I did catch up on some sleep: I went back to bed and had a little lie-in, then I have had a couple of good nights since. It helps that the neighbours have been away for the weekend, no door slamming at 2am!)

So, I am now enjoying my rest before the arrival/delivery. I have been swimming, done some serious gardening, a bit of reading (but it sends me to sleep!) and the whole house looks spick and span. I have also been preparing eric’s clothes – you need to wash baby clothes before they wear them because their skin is so delicate. Ahhhhhh.

baby vests

baby socks

So, I am now 39 weeks – a week to go but he could really come at any time. This is a strange stage: we are accutely aware of every little thing: ‘is it a sign?’ ‘is this it?’. We are also aware that he might decide to stay put for another couple of weeks, so I need to distract myself a bit! My midwife came by on Friday and it seems he has positioned himself even better: he is now lying towards my left, which means less of a distance to turn on his way out. Unfortunately Marijn (our MW) is now on holiday for a couple of weeks, so it would be good if he holds on a bit because I would really like her to be there.

Right, off to put my feet up 🙂