A ball by any other name

Until about 33 weeks ago, this was known to me as a ‘swiss ball’ and was used to flatten my (sort of) rippling abs.

Swiss Ball

I would use this after my runs to work deep into my core and for various other exercises such as press-ups and squats. Of course, I have had to put a stop to these exercises during pregnancy and the ball has been gathering dust on top of the wardrobe.

Until now…meet my ‘birthing ball’!

Many women probably only encounter one of these when they go into labour, but for me it’s a whole new role to adapt to, a world of relaxation over exertion, where deep breathing aids in letting go instead of holding on tight. Aparently these balls are really useful for bouncing up and down on when you are in labour and are great for easing tension in your back when the contractions kick in.

Yesterday my midwife came round for a visit and she felt my stomach to see how the little fella is lying. He is head-down, which is great, but his back is against my back, which is not so great. It seems this is becoming more and more common as we slouch in front of the telly and generally find ourselves getting down and comfy on big soft sofas. What I need to do is get on all fours to encourage Eric into the optimum position, so last night I draped myself over the ball, with cushions under my knees whilst watching the repeat of The Apprentice (what a bunch of arrogant muppets they are).

Come on Eric, you know you want to.