Swimmers on tour

We’re just back from a hectic weekend away, visiting the grandparents-to-be. We took our swimming kits with the intention of fitting lots of swimming in. On Thursday we didn’t manage it: we got to Manchester at about 6pm, and had our evening planned so couldn’t fit in a swim but, on Friday morning, we got up early and headed off to the Aquatics Centre (the pool built for the Commonwealth Games).

We were in the pool by 7am along with lots of other people – it’s a popular place! Our reason for going so early was to catch the 50m session – Edward was very excited about swimming in such a big space. He headed off to the fast lane – which was fast – and I clambered into the slow lane. At first I felt a bit overwhelmed by the size of it, and the depth: the whole 50m is deep. I had to remind myself not to try and race other people, and to breathe deeply. I felt like I might only do a short swim but, when I reached 10 lengths, I decided to carry on, then again at 15 I realised I’d need to swim back to the other end to get out anyway, so carried on to 20, so that was 1k. I used to swim at the Aquatics Centre each lunch time when I was in my final year at university, so it was nice to go back.

The next day we were in Wales, and went over to Denbigh to the swimming pool where I learnt to swim as a child. Unfortunately there were lessons taking place, then over 60s, so we couldn’t go. With the nearest pool being seven miles away, we decided to leave it. On Sunday, we went back early and joined in the Family Session. As we got in, we realised we were the only people without a small child (unless you count the bump!), so felt a bit odd going up and down doing lengths! Nobody seemed to mind though, and we were very considerate near the little ones. I just did 750m, which brings the total in my Channel Swimming Challenge book up to a nice round figure.

It was good to go back to that pool and see how well kept it is: it hasn’t changed much, just new changing facilities and lockers, but it’s so nice and clean! Oh, how I wish our local pool was as sparkly as that.

As we were eating lunch, Edward had a moment of horror as he realised he had left his wedding ring on the locker key. I phoned up and they checked the lockers, and there it was. I wonder if that would happen in London…