I’ve just got back from the dentist. I had a check-up not long ago and then chipped two back teeth in the meantime (one eating yoghurt and the other whilst flossing!). A couple of weeks ago I was in pain, so went to see him again to discover I had a big hole in one of my teeth-eek! I had a mould taken and he told me I would have to have a gold inlay – you can’t have amalgam fillings during pregnancy because of the mercury content. So today I had my blingy gold inlay put in – he pimped my tooth! It seems I will need the same thing doing on the other side after the baby is born (I need an x-ray for this one, so will have to wait until it’s safe to do so).

Luckily I had been to my yoga class before hand, and engaged some of my deep breathing techniques to deal with the tugging, drilling and sucking that was going on in my mouth. I’m sure dentists didn’t used to be this rough in the olden days.

It was lovely going to yoga after a two-week break. I did feel as though I had missed it: my hamstrings felt a bit tight and my back was stiff; it made me realise just how important it is to remain mobile and to stretch everything regularly. Something I noticed today was that my bump got in the way! This hasn’t happened before, so he’s definitely grown in the past two weeks. It wasn’t anything too challenging, I was just aware of the bump being there on certain moves.