Go Outdoors!

Yes, I know it’s suddenly freezing and all I can really think about is putting on an extra layer and curling up next to something – or someone – warm, but I have been sent a lovely Bento Box by the people at Go Outdoors, so we will continue to picnic ’til we are blue in the face. This would have been really handy on our camping trip, because we do like to try to be self-sufficient and make most of our food on the stove, but it’s proving to be a really great addition to our recent lunchtime park visits.

In the morning, I drop Hector off at nursery, rush home to either catch up on some house-related dusty activity, do the shopping/washing/cleaning/gardening or, if I’m really lucky, listen to Woman’s Hour whilst reading other people’s blogs. I keep an eye on the clock and the three hours quickly pass and it’s time to think about what I will make for lunch. If I’m really pushed I just run out, collect a very hungry boy and we come straight home to eat but, if I’m in domestic goddess mode, I get busy chopping and simmering and we take our lunch to the park. In this cold weather, the Bento Box is just perfect for carrying enough soup to fill two rumbling tummies, and will keep it warm long enough for you to venture a bit further than the park at the end of the road.

It’s a lovely looking object, really sleek and neatly designed, with the two sections clicking easily into each other, with a curved handle on top so you can make like the leading lady in ‘In the Mood for Love’. I’m guessing her bento box carries something light and fluffy, with jasmine-scented steam billowing out on opening, mine usually contains something hearty and wholesome, like this minestrone soup:

As you can see, I have enough room to make a bowl of soup for myself and there’s a smaller, removable section for Hector’s soup and bread. I would say that the addition of a little ‘maximum’ line would be good, to avoid over-filling and the resulting hot spurting that occurred when I greedily filled mine to above capacity. I won’t do that again. Hector is disappointed when I don’t bring lunch – this park time between nursery and home is perfect to ease back from the intense morning and saunter with a full belly into an afternoon of relaxed play and creative fun.