Becoming a Coach

A few years ago, I took a course with England Athletics and qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness. Since then, I have been helping to coach the Girls’ Group at my local running club, inspiring girls to get fit and pursue their goals. I have been feeling an urge to take it further though, so, this weekend, I’m doing just that! I’m going to be spending Saturday and Sunday with my notepad and pen handy, taking in many slides and no doubt doing a bit of practical coaching and being coached. The journey to becoming a fully qualified Coach in Running Fitness is quite intense, with lots of homework and, eventually, I will be assessed and hopefully be set free to go out there and coach one-to-one, as well as in groups.

This morning, I saw a post on Twitter about how few women there are in coaching. It seems many of us are coached by men and there is a general shortage of coaches, either male or female. You can read all about this here, at Reach Into Coaching and find out more about getting into coaching yourself (if that’s what you want to do!). You might be put off by the cost of courses but, if you are a member of a running club, as I am, you can pay a subsidised rate (or you may be lucky enough to be sponsored by your club).

Once I’ve got my head round everything I learn this weekend, I will update you on my progress and you will be able to follow my journey, as I sprint into the world, whistle and stopwatch in hand 🙂