London to Paris

Not me, well, not by bike anyway. Edward and our friend Steven are off to Paris tomorrow, a bike ride that will take three days and started in Greenwich with a dipping of the wheels in the Thames:

I was really feeling for Edward this week as he went through a sort of taper madness, and I witnessed, as an onlooker, the fear you have when you sense a sore throat coming on and you have a big event ahead of you (it wasn’t just a sore throat, he’s had everything ranging from a headache to ‘knees’). Now the day is here, they are all pasta’d up and we are surrounded by bike stuff, giant sandwiches are being made and my Bara Brith is being packed. Tomorrow morning they will rise at the crack of dawn and head down the National Cycle Network Route 21 (ie our road) towards Eastbourne where they will spend the night at a youth hostel after a ride of about eighty miles. On Monday morning they will cycle the ten miles or so to Newhaven and catch the ferry to Dieppe. They will then head through France to Dampierre and stay at the La Brayonne B&B. Tuesday is the big day when they will cycle all the way to Paris where Hector and I will cheer them in at the Seine and watch as they dip their wheels once more.

You can follow Steven on Endomondo and they will both be Tweeting about their progress: @abighill and @stevieflow. I will write another blog on our return. Good luck lads!