Good Form Running at the Marathon Expo

I’m a bit behind! Last week you could have been led to believe that I was running the London Marathon, I was certainly entering into the marathon build up with great enthusiasm, right down to going along to the expo but, alas, that crossing-the-line feeling of joy was not to be mine. I was invited along to a special New Balance expo breakfast event on Thursday, so sneaked out of the house super early to ride the DLR with the sleeping people to the runners’ mecca that is Excel. I was greeted along with other running bloggers/writers Carla, Shaz and Kate by the lovely people from NB, all kitted out in matching black outfits and funky shoes. We quickly and enthusiastically drooled over the colourful array of new shoes before being introduced to New Balance’s new concept ‘Good Form Running’.

New balance have taken all of those things we know we should be doing when we run, to make us into more efficient (and injury-free?) runners, and condensed them into four key areas: posture, midfoot, cadence and lean. In the next few weeks this concept is being taken out into fifteen shops across the country so runners can pop in and have a look at their own form and receive some advice about what they might think about adjusting to make things run a bit more smoothly. To help us understand this, Kate took to the treadmill (already in some Minimus shoes) and demonstrated exactly how we should be moving. She was keen to point out that she found the shoes naturally put you into this optimum position, partly due to the fact that it hurts to heel-strike in a ‘barefoot’ shoe. First of all we looked at posture. We were told that it’s good to start thinking about the key points before you even set off, resetting your posture by standing tall, pointing your toes forward and, whilst running, allowing your arms to swing easily at about a 90 degree angle. Next we discussed foot-strike, with the midfoot strike being the kind of strike we should be aiming for. I sat there imagining my own running form, picturing a heavy heel-strike all the way, but actually, since attending the event I have realised that my footstrike is pretty much midfoot anyway (well phewee!). An interesting point that was raised next was cadence, how many times we strike the ground each minute. To help us reach the goal of 180 strides per minute, we were given a neat little metronome, which was pulsing away in the background to keep us in check. Finally we talked about lean, leaning forwards from our ankles, not bending from the waist. This can also be addressed pre-run by leaning forwards against a wall or tree and setting that position in your mind to carry you forward into your run.

Having seen it in action, this all makes perfect sense and, having just four key points to consider helps it become easier to implement in your everyday running. I can see how wearing lower heel shoes can make this happen more naturally, but all of these things can be put into action on any kind of run. Enthused by it all, I set out the next day with the 180 beat in my head and I simply sailed along! I’m not sure how long I could keep it up, but this is something you work on over time (NB suggest you go back to the shop around six weeks later, to see how you are getting on and reassess anything that might need addressing). In addition to learning about Good Form Running, we were shown some fantastic new shoes, ranging from tough and chunky ultra shoes to light-as-a-feather ‘barefoot’ shoes. I was most delighted to be given a pair of the rather special shoes created just for the London Marathon, inspired by Savile Row tailoring and with a matching ‘chap’ t-shirt 🙂

I have put together my photos of the day and you can find out all about New Balance shoes and apparel here.

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