Hotting up

The sun’s out! It’s amazing the difference a bit of sunshine will make to a run, and the dryer, grippier ground at Hilly Fields on Saturday made all the difference, with a total of 25 runners getting a new Hilly Fields Parkrun PB! I set out with a few seconds improvement in mind, but – according to my Garmin time, the official time was slower – I knocked almost a minute off my best time so far 🙂 I was well chuffed. I wasn’t sure how my lack of running during the Easter holidays (just one run last week) would affect my ability to tackle those hills, but I needn’t have worried. I do worry though about how I will manage to maintain any kind of fitness over the summer holidays, if I can’t get out over the shorter Easter break. I will need a plan of action.

One option I suppose is the gym in the evenings, but it doesn’t come close to a nice sunny run. I do have a couple of cool new tops to try out in the gym though, sent to me recently by QTag, who sell running and leisure clothing online at really great prices. I’ve been feeling very bright in my ‘Girly Cool T-shirt’ in hot pink (yes, I know, I feel very obvious in it!), and I will be bravely getting my arms out in the gym to show off my ‘Girly Cool Vest’ in Kelly green, which is a really nice, eye-catching colour to run in. Both tops have wicking properties and are very cool for the gym or outdoors when we do eventually (please!) get some warmer weather. I think QTag would be a good point of contact for running clubs and groups, with the option to buy good quality clothing in bulk and with a wide range of colours to choose from.

Hot Pink and Kelly Green

Hot Pink and Kelly Green

In the meantime, I will try and get Hector out on his bike to accompany me on a run, and attempt to motivate myself away from the comfort of the sofa and my growing crochet project, to push and pull a bit in the gym of an evening, we’ll see.



There’s nothing like a good hard run to make you feel better for the rest of the day. Last week I forgot this and, by Friday, had that ‘Will I ever run again?’ feeling. But I did, I ran, I ran hard up hill, I splashed through big sweeping puddles and I felt good again. Today I woke to a mist, a strange dampness hanging low over our house, and was in danger of curling up under the mist until I noticed what it had done to our garden: a tangle of intricate spiders’ webs could be seen hanging in every bush and spanning every space. I carefully weaved between them – in my pyjamas – to attempt to capture this moment on camera.


After letting my running fall slightly by the way-side last week, I was determined to start the week as I mean to go on, and got out this morning, with music in my ears and a smile on my face. It wasn’t that I was feeling lazy last week, or especially busy, but my knee hurt and this gave me an excuse to give in to a brief lack of motivation. We all find different ways to motivate ourselves out of the house and on the road, for some it’s a fitness or weight-loss goal, for others it’s the need for head-space and for others it’s a competitive spirit. Some of us gather all of those things together and still need a little extra sometimes. For me, the motivation of being part of Parkrun has been a huge boost, knowing that I have a group of people behind me and a weekly gathering that fills my ‘this is why I do it’ tanks. Joining a running club is also a good motivator, and is known to be one of the best ways to ‘improve’ your running whatever level you are at. For some people the push of working with a coach or personal trainer is what’s needed, or even working towards a qualification themselves. So, with the running club, Parkrun and my own PB-seeking goal over the next eight weeks, I have no excuse.

Distance: 3.96 miles

Time: 36 minutes 53 seconds

Average Pace: 9.19

Best Pace: 6.38

Calories: 488

(I kept an eye on the clock when nearing the 5k mark and it was 28.24, not too bad).