That’s how I felt when I set off this morning, but I’m happy to say the running did the trick and I battled on through to run four and a bit miles 🙂

I can definitely put my state of mind and physical lack of oomph down to my periods having returned after a two year break. I hadn’t realised – because people don’t talk about it – that you can continue to miss periods whilst breastfeeding and (if you’re really lucky) this break will last for as long as you continue to feed (I guess Hector must have gradually cut down on his feeds without me noticing). Something else I didn’t realise is just how horrible they are when they do return: I spent Sunday feeling like I’d been kicked and have been super grumpy to go with it (sorry Edward!). Anyway, I am one of the lucky ones, so I should stop whinging and thank my lucky stars I have been able to breastfeed for such a long time without any problems.

It was pretty nippy when we set off, but I won’t be donning my tights and long sleeved tops for a while – I’m hardcore and only bring those out in the thick of winter or at the point where my arms are about to drop off through frostbite. Hector on the other hand was wrapped up in various layers and – at last – got to wear the woolly hat his uncle knitted for him when he was born! We had the company of the shiny red tractor again, I wonder why they keep cutting the grass so often, maybe a build up to the winter grass-cutting break. We also saw lots of lovely dogs and got a comment from the lady with the elegant greyhounds: ‘that was a fast loop!’, which gave me a little boost as I felt like I was going  r e a l l y   s l o w l y.

Time: 47.13

Distance: 4.61 miles

Average Pace: 10.14

Best Pace: 8.25

Calories: 536