In miniature

(to follow on from the last post, I did catch up on some sleep: I went back to bed and had a little lie-in, then I have had a couple of good nights since. It helps that the neighbours have been away for the weekend, no door slamming at 2am!)

So, I am now enjoying my rest before the arrival/delivery. I have been swimming, done some serious gardening, a bit of reading (but it sends me to sleep!) and the whole house looks spick and span. I have also been preparing eric’s clothes – you need to wash baby clothes before they wear them because their skin is so delicate. Ahhhhhh.

baby vests

baby socks

So, I am now 39 weeks – a week to go but he could really come at any time. This is a strange stage: we are accutely aware of every little thing: ‘is it a sign?’ ‘is this it?’. We are also aware that he might decide to stay put for another couple of weeks, so I need to distract myself a bit! My midwife came by on Friday and it seems he has positioned himself even better: he is now lying towards my left, which means less of a distance to turn on his way out. Unfortunately Marijn (our MW) is now on holiday for a couple of weeks, so it would be good if he holds on a bit because I would really like her to be there.

Right, off to put my feet up 🙂


Oh, for some good, deep sleep…

I’m not getting any 😦 I can’t remember the last time I slept solidly through the night, and I need all the sleep I can get before the baby arrives! It’s too hot, I need the loo, I have heartburn, the neighbours slam the door, anything that can wake me does wake me. Boo.

Anyway, my work is now done. The big project I was working on is now finished and I have tied up various loose ends, so I can now officially put my feet up. Maybe I will manage to catch up on some sleep later on…

I went for a swim yesterday. I have cancelled my membership for now, but I’m paid up until around the end of the month (I think), so should be able to go a few more times before the BIG DAY. I went in the afternoon, so it was nice and quiet and I managed 30 lengths – I would have carried on to 1k but I started to feel heartburn and that’s not very comfortable. If you are wondering why heartburn happens during pregnancy, it’s because of the relaxin in my body softening everything up. This includes softening of the digestive tract and this causes a reflux action, meaning the acids in my stomach come back up. Yuk. I’m quite lucky really because I’ve only started feeling it recently and it’s not all the time, just if I bend a lot or eat a big meal. I gave in and bought some Gaviscon for emergencies but it really is quite disgusting and I wouldn’t say I noticed any difference. But, if you like aniseed flavoured snot, you’ll love it!