Simply Sweat(y)

That was me, walking around the supermarket after this morning’s short run – I simply didn’t have time to separate the two entities so got all Travelling Hopefully, and mixed it up.

Today’s run was far more enjoyable than Monday’s and I felt less heavy-legged and tired, I think it helped that I was wearing my lovely new kit from Simply Sweat. I had been to the post office on my bike to collect the parcel I missed over the weekend, and was really pleased with my new Nike capri pants, Shock Absorber bra and 1000 Mile socks, so put them all on at once 🙂 I have been quite loyal with my online active wear shopping in the past, usually visiting Sweatshop, or buying things in the sale if I happen to see them in shops as and when I need them. If I do an online search, I often end up at Wiggle, but I find it all so confusing that I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought anything from them – the layout is so poor that it takes quite a bit of effort to find what you really want and you end up scrolling for ages before giving up hope!

Not so with Simply Sweat. I found the website to be clear and simple to navigate, with nice big photos so you can really get a good look at the product before you buy. My first port of call was the pants section because I have noticed a hole appearing in my favourite Nike capris for a while, so desperately needed to find a suitable replacement. I settled on these after browsing the images, and found the different views and text information helpful in making my decision. As I have been pretty busy recently, I decided to really test the site by seeing if I could find and order my clothes in about ten minutes, a bit difficult when you get distracted by lycra goods, but so much easier when everything is laid out so cleanly. I next went on to look at sports bras, and decided on a Shock Absorber bra because I find them comfortable and supportive without creating that awful ‘shelf’ look. One thing that did hold up my quest to beat the clock was the need to research online about how to measure yourself for a bra. Now I know it would be simple to just look at the label on my old bras, but they really are so ancient that the labels are worn smooth and bear no information whatsoever! I managed to locate my tape measure in my knitting bag, measured myself, then got on with the task in hand. So maybe a little section on measuring and sizing for bras would be helpful here.

I now decided to get some more socks as mine are all a bit worn around the heel, and decided on these in black. I wore them on today’s run and found them to be really light and breathable, and not at all bulky, which I like. The whole process of payment was very straightforward, with your basket clearly visible in the top right hand corner for you to keep track of your spending, and quick confirmation of your purchase and also information about delivery, which was prompt (other than the fact that I was away when it arrived!).

The things I like most are:

– the layout: bright, clear and easy to navigate

– the images

– the text giving information about products

– the prompt delivery

Things I think would improve the site:

– a section on sizing and measuring of sports bras

I was lucky enough to be an under-cover shopper this time, but I do think I will visit the site again when I need some more gear.