Still ill

Two weeks, two weeks this has been going on and I’m fed up now. Jogblog just reminded me that it’s the Crisis Square Mile Run next week!! First it was the throat, which got so bad I couldn’t sleep or eat, then my whole neck and head hurt and I had to do that weird thing were you turn the whole of your upper body to look around, then I started having a majorly runny nose and a cough then, at the weekend, my ear was so painful I could only lie down and sleep. At this point I decided to phone the emergency doctor, who gave me an appointment at 6.15 on Sunday evening. It was such a gloriously sunny day on Sunday and Edward took Hector swimming and to the park…while I slept and slept some more.

Anyway, the nice doctor took my temperature, which was 40 degrees and my pulse was racing (I was sitting down, no running going on for the past few weeks) and when he looked in my ear he said I had a ‘profound’ ear infection 😦 So that’s why I have been feeling so, so bad. He gave me some anti-biotics and told me to rest some more. Yesterday I felt a little bit better and today I feel a little bit better again (still can’t hear on the right side though). I will be so glad to feel like my usual energetic self again…and to get out and run!

On the plus side, I haven’t been eating my usual mountains of food, so have lost a few pounds. Yay! I guess next week, I will just have to take in the sights of the 5k course, it certainly passes through some interesting spots.


Feeling like poo

I know, I’ve been quiet over the past week or so, but I’ve been feeling really, really horrible. I had a slightly sore throat last Tuesday then, on Tuesday evening, it just went ‘bam’ and I couldn’t swallow and could barely talk, two of the things I love most. Normally if I get a sore throat it eases after a day or two, but this was actually getting worse rather than better and you could see my swollen glands that have stopped me being able to turn my head! I did go and see the doctor and she said I had a throat infection that can’t be treated with antibiotics and should take ibuprofen and gargle with salt water.

I have felt so bad that I haven’t been able to sleep and have been eating soup, mashed potato…and ice cream. I kept on hoping that I might make a miraculous recovery and be fit enough to run the Hornsey 10k on Sunday, but it wasn’t to be. I felt so sad missing out, I had really looked forward to the run and the lovely post-run tea and doughnut. Today I feel much better: my throat seems to have eased at last and I have managed to eat properly. I am going to buy some multi-vitamins to give me a bit of a boost. As my mum says I am ‘a bit run down’.

I need to knuckle down and get into training for the Crisis Square Mile, which is my next race, and maybe commit myself to this year’s Juneathon if I think I can bend the rules enough.

A good night’s sleep

Or not, if you are me.

Once again, I lay tensed-up and getting more and more wound-up by the sound of our upstairs neighbour’s voice. As I was lying there I started to think about when I have ever had a good night’s sleep or have ever been a ‘good sleeper’ and I think the answer is ‘never’. I am one of those people who, if put in a sound-proof room would be irritated by their own heart beat! I grew up in the country and my bedroom was incredibly quiet – in fact my ears buzz when I go there now – but this wasn’t good enough for me because I was kept awake by the ticking of my alarm clock…which eventually found its way to my knicker drawer!

Being the mother of a toddler, of course my sleep is disrupted, but it seems I have passed on my wakefulness and have a little chap who thinks it’s perfectly ok to get up and play at 5am. Apparently I used to go into my parent’s room and prise open my Mum’s eyes at 4am to ‘tell her a story’…

In the news this week it has been announced that exercise reduces the risk of developing cancer…but lack of sleep can eliminate these gains. Arrrrghghhghg! So, how about running in your sleep? I often dream about running, where does that leave me?!