I was offered a seat!

I’m feeling quite chuffed about this. Edward and I found ourselves on the hellish conveyor belt that is the London Underground rush hour yesterday. There had been some sort of track breakage on the Victoria Line so we were stopping in tunnels and waiting in stations, all squashed up together, for a very long time. As it was bitterly cold outside, I was all wrapped up but was too cramped to take off my layers. The woman standing in front of me noticed my bump and said ‘would you like to sit down?’ at which point, the man with his nose in a book leapt up and offered me his seat, apologising that he hadn’t noticed.

I did feel momentarily embarrassed, but soon got over it when I was able to sit with some space around me, take off my coat and have a cold drink. I really couldn’t have stood for the whole journey.

Thank you to the kind man.