(Read that in a Cockney accent)

There’s so much to remember, so much to fit in. In amongst the running, the swimming and the cycling, I also need to think about my core. Sheesh! It’s worth it though, I love the feeling of everything lifting when I pull in my abs and the propulsion I get when I swing my arms strongly on a hill. I guess it’s all about finding a spot in the day where you can fit in a neat little routine to cover all the wobbly bits bases, something to smooth out your…

Humps, Welsh style

Humps, Welsh style

I’ve been trying to get down every day and have a go at the Tribesports Core Workout. It’s great to have a really simple guide to work through in about ten minutes (though I must admit to only managing part of it so far…I promise to try harder). You might like to join Tribesports and log your core-busting efforts and check out other challenges that might help give you some focus.

I’ve been slightly distracted this week with a trip to Wales to see my family. I did get out and run on three out of the four days though, so not too bad. And it’s hilly! I was constantly reminded of where my desire to get my head down and tackle a hill comes from…it’s worth it for the views. I did manage a pool visit too, I won’t call it a swim because I was mostly stepping back and admiring Hector’s nerve in the water as he attempted to teach me how to tumble (yes, I am taking lessons from a fearless six-year-old). Round and round he went, six tumbles without taking a breath. As I hesitated he looked at me, concerned: ‘Are you scared?!’ Busted! Not wishing to disappoint him, I moved aside and practised, over and over and over until I managed a somersault. It felt good. I am yet to put this into action with a swim stroke, wall-push and butterfly legs…unless watching You Tube videos over and over counts…So, to add to my already triathlon-dense training schedule there’s good, hard core work and a spinning attempt at tumble-turns. I might find time to sleep.


Land of my fathers

Well, actually my mother, my father is not proper Welsh. Now this has got to be one of, if not the most beautiful runs I have ever done. The other weekend, we drove for seven plus hours, well into the early hours of the morning, to the incredible landscape of North West Wales to stay with Edward’s family who were visiting the area. Readers may know that I am in fact Welsh, having been born and brought up in North Wales (though I have now lived in England for longer than I lived in Wales, which feels odd!), but I have never visited this area before, and how disappointed I felt not to have taken advantage of this when it was on my doorstep. We were staying in a little town called Nefyn, just a short walk from an untouched and quiet beach, where we had use of a beach hut, so could sip tea after a bracing swim in the Irish Sea, how very, very civilised! I knew that I would want to run here, so had packed my gear, and headed out on my own on Sunday morning. For some reason my Garmin packed up completely, freezing its display as soon as I switched it on (I think I know how to fix it), so this was to be a run of mystery in terms of pace and distance but, after a few minutes, I realised that this was an entirely positive thing as I paused to absorb the views and breathe deeply, smelling the fresh, clean air. For once, I had also decided to carry my camera, not something I normally do because it’s quite big, but I’m so glad I did.

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I will let the images speak for themselves, but needless to say, you will all no doubt want to go there right away, well don’t, it’s mine!